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Welcome To Rim And Wheel Works!
Rim & Wheel Works is your one-stop shop for wheel straightening,
repair, replacement, refinishing and just plain good advice.
The aluminum alloy rims used on most cars today are beautiful, but
somewhat fragile, and out on the mean streets the dangers are
everywhere. If you've ever hit a pothole or a curb and bent or damaged
an alloy rim, if your car has developed an annoying vibration, and above
all if you've ever been quoted  BD 300   or more for a new rim, Rim &
Wheel Works is here to help keep your car running smooth and looking
sharp, while saving you money.
Straightening  Hit a pothole? Car vibrating? You take
your car to a local tire shop and you rim looks
something like this? No problem, it can be fixed! and
for a much lower cost than buying a new rim!
Cracked your rim the other day hitting that pothole?
No problem. Using TIG welding, we are more than
happy to weld your rim. Whether it would be an inch
crack vertically starting from the lip or a crack
horizontally across the beads, they can all get repaired
here in our facility.
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We  can  Welding. Using our state-of-art
equipment, we can straighten, refinish or
price of a new rim! With our trained
original factory showroom. We are
located original factory showroom. We
are located in the heart of Bahrain
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Wheel rimes chrome finish
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Wheel Painting Services you are looking to add a fresh new color, our to repaint
them for you. You can combine the new paint color with a rim repair or  the
color alone. Here are some sample colors of rims that we have painted